Noli Me Tangere
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Noli Me Tangere
Having said the three parts of the rosary with special litanies for the dead, prayed the novena for the Holy Souls and lighted candles before sacred images, the rich and the well-to-do slept peacefully, well satisfied that they had performed their duties to those who had bequeathed them their fortunes. … They found it easier to satisfy divine than human justice.
— Jose Rizal, Noli Me Tangere
Noli Me Tangere is the acknowledged masterpiece of Filipino literature. If any nation can be said to have a single source for its nationalism, The Philippine Republic is such a land this novel is its source”
- James A. Michener
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Noli Me Tangere
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The Noli app was developed by the need to bring to Rizal to a global, tech savvy audience. Read by noted actor Richard E. Grant in its unabridged form, the app hopes to bring a new experience to a classic text.
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