El Filibusterismo
About the Book
El Filibusterismo
“It is natural for man to hate those whom he has injured,” said Tacitus, confirming Seneca. When you want to measure the good or the evil that one country has done to another, you have only to see whether it loves or hates the other. That is why those who have enriched themselves in here in high office slander and insult their victims once they have gone back to Spain.”
— Jose Rizal, El Filibusterismo
Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo form the pair of books for which Rizal was found guilty of rebellion, sedition, and conspiracy and was subsequently sentenced to death for. Continuing the story from Noli Me Tangere and using largely the same cast of characters, El Filibusterismo takes a darker turn as Ibarra resorts to more drastic methods to save the country he loves.

Leon Ma. Guerrero’s translation was done in 1961, originally published in London by Longmans and republished since by Guerrero Publishing.
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